What is the Average Class Size for Kindergarten Students in Brooklyn, New York Schools?

Class sizes in New York City public schools have been decreasing due to a decline in student enrollment. A revised draft of the plan released this summer shows that 64% of classes in schools with the highest economic needs are within or below the state-set limits, compared to 26% of schools with the least economic needs. Mayor Eric Adams and the president of the New York City Department of Education, David Banks, have noted that enrollment in municipal schools has dropped significantly, resulting in smaller class sizes during the pandemic. The city's first class size reduction plan, released in May, promised to “ensure that schools with classrooms that currently meet the class size requirement have adequate funding to continue to maintain this class size this school year.” However, there are concerns that this promise may not be kept, as the revised plan could increase the number of students in some classrooms of 25 children or fewer. To address this issue, spokesperson for schools Styer mentioned funding initiatives for this school year that could be used by principals to hire staff and reduce class sizes. The projections for this school year estimate that approximately 767,500 students will enroll from kindergarten to twelfth grade, representing a decrease of 0.6% from last fall and the smallest annual drop since the pandemic began.

With these changes in mind, it is important to consider what the average class size for kindergarten students in Brooklyn, New York schools is. The average class size for kindergarten students in Brooklyn, New York schools is 20 students per classroom. This number is slightly lower than the state-mandated limit of 25 students per classroom. However, it is important to note that this number can vary depending on the school and district. Some schools may have larger classes due to budget constraints or other factors. It is also important to note that class sizes can change from year to year depending on enrollment numbers and other factors.

Therefore, it is important for parents and educators to stay informed about changes in class sizes and ensure that their children are receiving a quality education.

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