December 2016
New York’s Students Need a Foundation for Success and Opportunity (pdf)

June 2016
ECB calls for tax cap revisions to provide schools a more sustainable future (pdf)

ECB Calls for Revisions to the Tax Cap (pdf)

May 2016

Invest in Public Education: Use bank settlements funds for critical “one time” educational expenses (pdf)

April 2016
The Gap Elimination Adjustment in the New State Budget (pdf)

February 2016
Supporting success in struggling schools (pdf)

November 2015
Comprehensive state action needed to support schools (pdf)

February 2015
Tax Cap adjustments can help schools balance student needs, fiscal stability, and taxpayer concerns (pdf)

ECB Sends Letter Requesting Guidance on School Budgets (pdf)

January 2015
Educational Conference Board (ECB) Sends Letter Requesting Release of School Aid Runs (pdf)

October 2014
New York students deserve a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway to high school graduation (pdf)
2014-15 State Aid Proposal (pdf)